In harmony with Christian faith-based traditions, Dr. Borik has blended her medical expertise with years of fitness experience to develop this innovative relaxation system. Sign Chi Do incorporates breathing, movement, intention and music with sign gestures that provide comprehensive mind-body stimulation that can't be duplicated by other fitness programs. This program is not intended to be used in the deaf community as a means of communication. It simply uses sign gestures to help us get to the deeper meaning of words. The results are amazing and we invite you to explore the many benefits of Sign Chi Do.

Special Offer

For a limited time, receive the Healthy, Happy Holy DVD and Music CD as a bonus when you purchase the Sign Chi Do Book and DVD. This special introductory package contains a wealth of information and is a delightful way to introduce yourself or a loved one to Sign Chi Do. Available for a special discounted price.

Art of Moving Prayer

The Art of Moving Prayer is a unique program intended to put prayer into action. It was designed to allow you to pray with your entire being using sign language (gesture), breathing and (gentle) movement. The name reflects ‘Sign’ for sign language gesture, ‘Chi’ to embrace Christ in the Chi-Rho and “Do” means ‘the way’. Dr. Anne Borik designed this dynamic program to help demonstrate the healing power of prayer.

Medical Benefits

SIGN CHI DO is a medically-based stress management, relaxation exercise program created and designed by Dr. Anne Borik, a medical physician. This medically-based program helps manage stress, anxiety, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypertension, memory loss, depression and many other conditions. Regular practice of Sign Chi Do techniques can also assist with smoking cessation and weight control and helps to maintain balance, flexibility , brain function and general well being.